Friday, December 30, 2016

List Of 10 Things You Deliver to Your Client

Part Three of Seth Godin's Freelance Course Questions

(Things that aren’t the thing. Things like timeliness, confidence, respect, a story, etc.)

1. A unique, intuitive, and holistic approach to creative work

2. An absolute commitment to excellence and the confidence to deliver what is promised

3. An upbeat, joyful, friendly attitude reflecting my love for people and the work I do.

4. Respect, interest and compassion toward those for whom I am creating or collaborating

5. Creating for my audience and clients with the same concern with which I would create for myself

6. Decades of experience as a curious empathetic person and decades of expertise in my field

7. Respect for the knowledge, experience and expertise of audiences, clients, and collaborators

8. A talent for creating unique and inventive solutions

9. A passion and excitement for whatever I am creating

10. Patience and perseverance in the face of difficulty

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