Sunday, April 1, 2018

Literary Wonder & Adventure Show Nominated for Award

Literary Wonder & Adventure Show was just nominated for a Robert E. Howard Foundation Award! It was also recommended by top editor Rich Horton for a Hugo Award! And if that's not enough, Episode 10 is now live! Premiering another full audio drama of those two reluctant adventurers, the poet swordsman Dareon Vin and his Indari warrior comrade known as Blue.
A thrilling sword and sorcery adventure!
(and, if you missed it, Episode 9 is still available—Clark Ashton Smith, Poet of The Fantastic: A Conversation with Author Ryan Harvey)

Enjoy! And, Happy Easter!

Robert and Edgar

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Literary Wonder & Adventure Show, Episode 8: Spaceships, Aliens, and AI, Oh My!: A Conversation with Author Becky Chambers

Host Robert Zoltan and author Becky Chambers (The Wayfarer Series) hold a provocative discussion on the controversial topics of space travel, alien sex, and robot love! Meanwhile, Robert and Edgar the Raven finally make it out of deep space and return to Los Angeles to find a strange package awaiting them. As if that’s not enough, Edgar gets down and funky to the catchy song, Rocketship, by Seduction Revolution. All on this episode of Literary Wonder & Adventure! And it’s free!

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Thanks for listening!
Robert and Edgar the Raven

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The End of Complaining

Why do we complain? Because we feel alone, but we are afraid of looking foolish or weak if we speak what is plainly in our heart. “I feel alone in this. I only need to know that someone else has experienced this, that someone else cares.” If we could speak vulnerably, honestly, and simply about what we feel, we would no longer need to complain about our situation.

We are afraid that we alone, afraid that events will not be favorable to us, afraid that Life is not what we believed it to be and want it to be. In fact, it is very likely that Life is NOT what we believe it to be or have been taught to expect. But it is likely that Life is far more mysterious and unpredictable and wonderful than we believed. And it may want for us far more (though different) and want from us far more than we expected. And if it is also more difficult than we believed, which it surely is at times, we must remember that we were created to be perfectly accustomed to it. We need not be afraid, but can have confidence that whatever happens is a part we are fully equipped to play, and that part is essential to the whole movement of Life, in which we are an integral member, and therefore, never alone, meaningless, or forgotten.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Judging People of the Past by Modern Morals

I have read many judgemental criticisms of people of the past, including writers and their characters, such as fantasy writers Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance. If we judge people (and characters) of the past from our self-righteous 21st Century moral stance, we have to give up just about all heroes, including Gilgamesh, Lancelot, most of Shakespeare's heroes, Buddha (who left his wife and responsibilities), and even Jesus (who left is responsibilities and hung out with whores and traitors). No one can stand up to those standards if a light is shined upon every aspect of our lives. A hero is not someone who is flawless. A hero is someone who does great, courageous, or honorable things despite their flaws.

Judging people from the past (or even in the present) is a false way to make ourselves feel superior to others. A more honest action would be to ask ourselves: what have WE done, and what are WE doing with our lives?

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Fate of a Princess

When I began the Princess of Mars project,
I was under the impression that Edgar Rice
Burroughs' A Princess of Mars was in public domain, and could therefore be published by anyone. This assertion has recently been questioned. I have contacted Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. in order to find out more information on this matter, and hopefully to get not only their permission, but their endorsement of Dream Tower Media's Illustrated version of the novel.
Until I receive word back, the project will be on hold. If the work is still under copyright and I am unable to get the permission of ERB Inc. to do the project, I am afraid it will not be brought to completion and published. Dream Tower Media will then move forward instead with the other books planned for its publishing line. I will keep you all up to date on any news I receive.
Until then, I am releasing another one of my illustrations for A Princess of Mars, still in process of editing, but nearly finished as a piece. This is the scene where Dejah Thoris looks in wonder at the fresco of an ancient lost people. The fresco is a tribute to my favorite artist, Gustave Klimt.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient and supportive.

Best Wishes,

Robert Zoltan
October 6th, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven Visit With Fritz Leiber

Literary Wonder & Adventure Show Photo Spotlight: Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven Visit With Fritz Leiber, August 2nd, 2017

Host and Co-Host of Literary Wonder & Adventure Show, Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven, recently took a trip to San Francisco to visit the home of the late great Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Author, Fritz Leiber.

According to Robert, the ghost of Fritz Leiber visited him immediately after this photo was taken, and told him, “I’m really jazzed about the show and wish I was still around to be interviewed, but I’m here in The Big Time now.” Leiber was obviously referring to some type of afterlife, and not the “big time” that Robert and Edgar have recently hit with their show. Leiber supposedly also told Robert that he considered Robert’s Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue stories to be a worthy successor to his own Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series.

These quotes attributed to the late Mr. Leiber have not been confirmed by professional mediums, and furthermore, according to trustworthy sources close to Robert Zoltan (though obviously not trustworthy to him), Robert had recently switched medications, and was also seen discussing physics with an invisible Albert Einstein, and arguing with an invisible David Bowie about the relative strengths of his later music compared with his earlier work.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven Hit the Big Time

PRESS RELEASE: Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven Hit the Big Time! July, 26, 2017

According to Dream Tower Media’s publicist, the star host and star co-host of Literary Wonder & Adventure Show have “hit the big time.” Supposedly, the show’s popularity is “raging like a Southern California wildfire.” Thanks to several corporate sponsorship deals, merchandising, and numerous lawsuits, Robert and Edgar are reported to have “bought a villa overlooking the Hollywood Hills.” Pictured here on the terrace in a photograph by famed photographer, Lannie Eibowitz, Robert and Edgar relax in their pool (an unidentified famous associate lounges on the authentic leopard skin chaise lounge), drinking Martini’s, and eliminating potential guests from their list for upcoming episodes.

Robert and Edgar both have book deals in the making and the publicist claims that a movie deal is “ludicrously inevitable.” Robert’s book is a biography entitled, “All You Need Is Love (and Talent, and Sex, and Money), while Edgar’s book is a how-to for other avian sidekick hopefuls called “How to Fly to the Top Without Losing Your Tail Feathers.”

Rumors of friction over money and creative differences (but mostly money) are dismissed by the publicist, who claims, “Robert and Edgar are a dynamic duo like Batman and Robin, but without the costumes, the crime-fighting, or the homosexual undertones.” Despite this assurance, an inside source claims that Robert and Edgar now record their audio parts for the show at separate times in the studio. As for Robert’s purported drinking and depression problems, the humble host addressed this directly in a recent Facebook post. “Gin is nothing more than a drink to me. And how could I be anything but happy? I’m living a life that common people can only dream of.”

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