Friday, January 6, 2017

Irrational Hope

In the most dire times of human history, hope and love have not only
survived, they have thrived. Like a forest cleansed by fire, like a seed
planted in winter ground. It is a hope that is both irrational and invulnerable.
It is a wisdom that appears as foolishness to the world: the foolishness
of gods and heroes. The foolishness of a one who loses the ability to walk
to become a marathon champion; of one with a degenerative disease
who becomes the world’s greatest physicist; of one who must borrow
money out of poverty in order to paint Starry Night.

It is the foolishness of a god that plucks out his eye in order to see; of a queen of heaven descending to the land of the dead to Editbring forth life; of a god that mysteriously belly-laughs in the midst of suffering and delusion; of a god that chooses suffering and death over glory to save the world.

It is this foolishness we choose over the false wisdom of the world. It is this irrational hope and courage we choose over rationalized fear. It is this love we choose over the easy road of hate that only leads to hell.

It is the most difficult road to take. But it is the only one that cannot fail to save us and the world.

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