Friday, January 6, 2017

Black Gate Magazine Review of The Blue Lamp Audio Adventure

Fletcher Vredenburgh gave the Blue Lamp Audio Adventure a rave review for the incomparable Hugo Award winning magazine, Black Gate!

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"Zoltan has done a marvelous job with “The Blue Lamp.” It is not a straight reading of the story, but a full sound production, like a radio show. First, there’s the music. At times ominous and others majestic, it gives the story a terrific aural background against which to unfold. The mysterious moments have a little more mystery and the action scenes a dash more vim. The same goes for the sound effects. Never overwhelming, they bring the production more to life.

The characters are acted out with great liveliness. It never sounds corny, a problem fantasy can have when it’s read out loud..."

“The Blue Lamp” is good fun. My experience with S&S transferred off the page has not been positive. Most S&S movies suffer from cheapness, or only focus on the most basic surface elements of the genre. That doesn’t happen here. Cheapness isn’t an issue, and Zoltan knows that S&S is more than just swords and sorcery. Without negelecting those titular elements, he brings some depth of character, nice inventiveness to his worldbuilding and scene setting, and good basic storytelling."

You can learn more about The Blue Lamp and purchase your own copy here:

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