Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Making of the Blue Lamp Audio Drama 2: What a Dumbell!, or, Ouch! I Just Made Something

Giving birth to a creative idea, especially in a form as complex and large in scope as an audio drama, comes with a fair amount of suffering and hardship. It is demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had to take a three-week break from working on the production of The Blue Lamp drama because it was simply overwhelming me, causing anxiety and depression. In the last couple of months I have been emerging from a difficult time, and transitioning into a happier, emotionally stronger, and more stable place. But even at full strength, a project like this could run me over and leave me feeling like so much roadkill. Recording, re-recording, constant editing and revising, decisions on where to put sound effects and musical cues, composing and producing original music, finding or recording my own sound effects, (not to mention having to do the preparatory marketing as well), etc. I am doing a job meant for four to six people at least.

Sometimes, the pain is quite simple and straightforward. As in the case of me recording some sound effects with my portable H1 Zoom recorder. I was dropping dumbells on the floor to imitate the sound, that would be telling. Anyway, one time when I dropped them, I somehow managed to get my finger caught in between the two dumbells. You can hear the results  in the sound clip... "******!!!!"

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