Friday, December 21, 2018

One Night in Merth Audiobook Adventure

One Night in Merth, the audiobook dramatized adventure is now available to enjoy at! The origin story of how Dareon and Blue first met, and the first story in Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue, Book 1, available now in paperback or for Kindle on Amazon (

One night in Merth, that largest, most diverse, most decadent of westerly cities on the continent of Plemora, a desperate young poet swordsman and an ingenuous young tribal warrior are drawn together by magic, machinations, and mysterious forces that converge upon a single pearl of extraordinary size and luster.

Written, composed, and produced by Robert Zoltan. Starring Danita Bayer, Whitton Frank, Kori Wilson, and Robert Zoltan.

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