Sunday, January 21, 2018

The End of Complaining

Why do we complain? Because we feel alone, but we are afraid of looking foolish or weak if we speak what is plainly in our heart. “I feel alone in this. I only need to know that someone else has experienced this, that someone else cares.” If we could speak vulnerably, honestly, and simply about what we feel, we would no longer need to complain about our situation.

We are afraid that we alone, afraid that events will not be favorable to us, afraid that Life is not what we believed it to be and want it to be. In fact, it is very likely that Life is NOT what we believe it to be or have been taught to expect. But it is likely that Life is far more mysterious and unpredictable and wonderful than we believed. And it may want for us far more (though different) and want from us far more than we expected. And if it is also more difficult than we believed, which it surely is at times, we must remember that we were created to be perfectly accustomed to it. We need not be afraid, but can have confidence that whatever happens is a part we are fully equipped to play, and that part is essential to the whole movement of Life, in which we are an integral member, and therefore, never alone, meaningless, or forgotten.

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