Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #26, Featuring My Story "The Blue Lamp"

My fantasy adventure short story, The Blue Lamp, is now available to read online in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #26!

Here’s what the editor of the magazine has to say:
“Adventure fiction in the classic style, Zoltan’s tale will take you from the mundane and into a world of magic and mystery not seen since the glory days of the pulps. In addition to being a great writer, Mr. Zoltan is a fine artist and his illustration from the story is included.”

The story has already been favorably reviewed by Black Gate and Tangent online magazines. HFQ #26 also features stories by J.R. Restrick and Jon Byrne.

More about The Blue Lamp:
The Blue Lamp is a thrilling tale of those two adventurers, poet swordsman Dareon Vin, and his companion, the Indari warrior known as Blue.

When Blue goes missing in the city of Merth for two days (a difficult feat, when you’re six-and-a-half feet tall and covered in blue tattoos), Dareon’s search for his friend leads him to Ravel’s Exquisite Emporium, where he becomes prey to an unusual predatory salesman. Meanwhile, Blue fights for his life and perhaps his very soul, with the aid of Malika, a dancer from Khulan, against an otherworldly foe that is no less than omnipotent.

When is danger the safest path? How can you become victorious in a fight you cannot win?

Join Dareon and Blue and find out, in THE BLUE LAMP!


  1. Do you have more stories with these two?

  2. Yes, Fletcher, I do. Thanks for asking. I'm trying to decide now where to send them. Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has been very supportive. If you have any suggestions on the best way to get them published, I would be happy to hear your recommendations.

    1. Sadly, I have few suggestions on publishing. Adrian Simmons is the only editor I have any contact with. Swords and Sorcery Magazine pays a mere ten dollars. Fantasy Scroll seems to publish more sci-fi than fantasy but that might be base on a lack of submissions. I wish I could offer more concrete advice.

      I just wanted to know as a fan. Your story's a blast.

  3. Wait. Is Hallie Smith and The Wasp (Fletcher) one and the same? I'm confused.